Foot Health Status Questionnaire


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CareQuest is a small Brisbane-based business that focuses on developing orthopedic software, such as the original and sought after Foot Health Status Questionnaire, which is available for purchase through our website in the “Software” tab.

Foot health status Questionnaire

The Foot Health Status Questionnaire (FHSQ) has filled a real need for clinicians and researchers wanting to measure foot health related quality of life. The uniqueness of the FHSQ was recognised early in its development and won a national research award in Australia. The questionnaire is  now a global research tool, translated into several different languages and used by over 200 colleagues, research labs, universities, PhD, Masters and honours students. All of whom are interested in researching foot health related quality of life.

The American Orthopaedic - AO Handbook "Musculoskeletal Outcome Measures and Instruments" by Suk, Hanson, Norvell & Helfet, published by Thieme identifies the FHSQ as the most scientifically valid foot and ankle measure of the 25 independently evaluated. More information about the FHSQ and its use, some recent books & scientific papers of interest can be found in the under the "Research" tab.

To assist clinicians and researchers, the Foot Health Status Questionnaire Data Analysis Software Version 1.04 is designed to accurately obtain the scale scores for the domains of; Foot Pain, Foot Function, Footwear, General Foot Health Perceptions from respondent's answers on the questionnaire. 

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